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With MasterShield, you get the benefit of a thin yet very strong aluminum frame. MasterShield easily conforms to all the imperfections often found near your gutters. This can include wavy fascia boards, warped subroofs and the intentional drop in your gutters from their highest point to the lowest point at the downspout.

You also get a system installed as close as the installer can get to the existing pitch of your roof. This makes airflow coming down your roof work to your benefit to keep debris reacting as if you didn’t have gutters at all.

Add to this our HydroVortex Technology, which was developed so that your gutter protection could be installed on an angle. Water will start to overshoot other products, but HydroVortex overcomes the natural way water wants to remain moving forward; it allows water to be pulled into your gutters even if placed straight up and down.

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