European Copper Gutter With Lionhead Figurine

Copper: Classic Elegance of the Old World

Copper is a beautiful metal & is chosen primarily due to its aesthetic qualities.  Fun fact: Copper is the only metal other than gold with a natural color; all other metals exist naturally as grey or white.  Copper gutters can be described as jewelry for your home: its brilliance upon first install will catch the eye just like a beautiful gold necklace.  But copper is more than just a pretty metal; the addition of copper gutters will increase the value of your home for various reasons other than appearance.

Copper is a noble metal, so it naturally resists pitting and rusting like traditional metals tend to do when in contact with water.  As it ages, a patina forms a protective layer that further protects it from corrosion.  Copper is also naturally anti-microbial: it's able to resist the growth of organic material like mold or moss and is commonly used in roofing to combat such problems on chronically wet roofs.  A soldered copper gutter system is a truly seamless gutter system, so natural thermal expansion on a home will not affect copper like a caulked system. While is copper a bold aesthetic statement, it’s also the longest lasting, lowest maintenance material you could choose for a gutter system.

Copper gutters have a life expectancy of roughly 100 yrs when installed correctly.  The aesthetic improvement coupled with the unrivaled durability makes copper a great choice.  While copper gutters are not included in LEED rating, they are 100% recyclable and copper manufacturing leaves a small carbon footprint.  Couple that with its large contribution to a building’s overall environmental performance and it becomes clear why copper is such an amazing metal.  It’s an environmentally friendly, durable, as well as a bold aesthetic statement for your home.

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