Seamless Gutter Installation Photo Album: European Copper & Steel Installation

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We love European Copper & Steel.  We have yet to encounter any gutter product that can match European gutter in both design & aesthetics.

Copper is the only other metal besides gold that has a natural color; all other metal presents as grey.  The natural weathering process causes “Patina”, which protects the copper, lends itself to a color changing show from salmon pink and russet brown shades to light and dark chocolate browns. Eventually the color shifts to a dark bronze that ultimately develops copper's notable blue-green or gray-green patinas. Understanding this property is important in ornamental applications. When selecting copper sheets, keep the final product in mind. For intricate ornamental work, use lower gauge sheets that you can easily bend and shape. Copper cupolas are an excellent use of copper, and they provide a spectacular show through time with the natural weathering process.

If you desire an Aged look, use a chemical “patina” solution on your copper gutters that will accelerate the color to its final stage, that beautiful bright or blue green weathered finish that normally takes 15 to 20 years to achieve.

For more info on our european products, call the office!

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