Gutter Protection and Gutter Guards

Keep your gutters clear with quality gutter guards

Are you tired of risking your safety on that rickety ladder year after year to keep your gutters clean? When your gutters get clogged with debris, water can back up and spill over the edge of your gutters which can lead to a number of expensive problems. Poorly managed rainwater can rot your roof decking, roof trusses, and fascia as well as introduce mold into your crawl spaces or damage your foundation.  Many homeowners get frustrated after the rain manages to wash away their hard work in the yard!  We offer proven gutter guards and gutter protection products that will keep leaves and debris out of your gutters while still allowing water to drain properly.

The effectiveness of gutter guards can often be linked to how the gutter was initially hung.  Holy City Gutterworks takes a holistic view when installing gutter protection, choosing first to adjust and service the gutter on the home (if existing) to maximize performance of the gutter protection.  The gutter specialists at Holy City Gutterworks know which gutter guards work best for your home and ensure proper installation. Our chosen line of products work on k-style gutters and half-round gutters both in copper and aluminum.  Contact us today to learn about all of your options for gutter protection and to schedule your on-site estimate.

The MasterShield Gutter Protection Difference

The experts at Holy City Gutterworks have spent years installing (and repairing!) all types of gutter guards.  When it came time to select a product that best served the needs of their customers, MasterShield was the obvious choice.  Mastershield continues to be an innovator in a relatively stagnant product design market.  In 2019, they introduced copper into their stainless steel mesh to further ensure that no organic growth will cause their guards to fail.  They back their incredible design with a LIFETIME NO CLOG GUARANTEE.

MasterShield gutter guards:

  • Use patented HydroVortex Technology
  • Are made of strong interlocking aluminum panels
  • With surgical grade stainless steel & copper mesh to prevent organic material growth
  • Are available in 16 colors as well as copper
  • Match roof pitch so debris falls off gutters
  • Can be installed on most residential gutter systems
  • Come with a lifetime transferrable no clog guarantee

Protect your home's gutters today

Don't wait to protect your gutters from debris. You can trust Holy City Gutterworks for all your gutter guard needs. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and estimate!


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